Beethoven's complete Violin Sonatas (Sonatas for Piano and Violin)
A concert series in 4 parts with Boris Kucharsky's duopartner, pianist Elizabeth Hopkins.

"Such an exciting and honest approach to Beethoven is risked today only by the very few."
- Münchner Merkur
Bach meets Brahms
This concert series examines the musical relationship between Bach and Brahms, introducing their Duo Sonatas and illustrating the connection between the two composers.
"This is how chamber music should be: intimate and with virtuosity only as a means to an end"
- Süddeutsche Zeitung
The Mozart Adventure
Elizabeth Hopkins and Boris Kucharsky accompany Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on his journeys through Europe and through life - and play the Violin Sonatas that he composed en route.
"Two musicians who are said to play as one person: the enormously sensitive Violin/Piano Duo Boris Kucharsky and Elizabeth Hopkins...masterly executed Sonatas for Piano and Violin.
- Münchner Merkur
Schubert's Chamber Music
These four "Schubertiaden" (as concerts with Schubert's music were known in his lifetime) include all the Duo works for violin and piano as well as the Piano Trios and the famous Trout Quintet.
"The ovations knew no end - even the regular concertgoer seldom experiences moments like this."
- Münchner Merkur